”Jesus is Coming Soon” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Jesus is Coming Soon” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Child of God, we should be ready at all times so that the coming of Christ will not take us unawares. For those who still doubt the rapture, Jesus said that “Heaven and Earth will pass away but my word will remain”.

Believers who remain steadfast will surely receive their reward.

Luke 12:43 “Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing”.

The entire world is suffering the effect of the deadly pandemic (covid-19) and this has brought untold fear and hardship upon mankind.

Right now, movements are being restricted and life’s activities are put on hold. Nevertheless, God is still God over the universe.

Jesus is coming to pick the saints who has kept to His word. Matthew 12:48 says that to whom much is given, much is required.

God has given us grace to worship and serve Him while on earth. It is therefore our duty to keep holding on and remain in Christ.

Friend of God, this is the time to pray and get closer to God. Again, I say Jesus is coming soon.

# Be prepared for his coming
# You must be a servant of God

You are bought with a price so, glorify God with your body. (I Corinthians 6:19-20).

One way to do this is by obeying the scripture which says we should be holy in all manner of conversation.

This is the period we need to speak positive things and not propagate fear in the minds of people.

By your words, you shall be justified and by you words, you shall be condemned (Matthew 12:37).

During this period when covid-19 is bringing fear, do not escalate it, but preach the message of hope to the world.

The words of your mouth can justify you. A practical example is the case of the two thieves crucified on the cross with Jesus.

While the one on the right hand cried for mercy, the other on the left condemned Jesus the more. The result is that the one who asked for mercy was with Christ in paradise, while the other thief was condemned in hell.

Also, the words of your mouth can condemn you, just as the case of the two men who went to pray in the temple. One was humble while the other boasted of helping the poor. The humble man left justified while the boastful man did not get answers to his prayers.

Friend of God, this is a moment of decision!
Be conscious always, that Christ is coming soon!

I pray for you…
May God always make you conscious of Christ’s return in Jesus name, amen!