”Eleventh Hour Miracle” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Eleventh Hour Miracle” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: Matthew 20:1-16

We are in the eleventh hour of thee year. Sometimes, it is difficult to believe that God can visit you at this time of the year.

God’s eleventh hour miracle is deliberate and designed to show you that He can still do what He promised you.

Reading from our text in Matthew 20:1, it is very profitable to
wait on God. It does not matter how long you’ve suffered that problem, God is still faithful in performing that eleventh hour miracle. Also, it does not matter the time you encountered your helper, what matters is that you will get your miracle.

In Matthew 20:9-11, the first set of workers complained to the landowner (their employer) that they received the same amount of pay with those who came at the eleventh hour of work but the landowner answered that he did not do them any wrong. He only favoured the last set of workers because it pleased him to do so.

Friend of God, do not worry about your ugly situation. Before this year ends, your eleventh hour miracle will come.

I pray for you…
This year will not end without your eleventh hour miracle in Jesus name, Amen!