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”Deceits” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Deceits” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Text: Proverbs 6 : 6 – 19

There is no way you can deceive without lies.
Deceit is an act or practice intended to mislead by a false appearance or statement. Lies mean a false statement made with a deliberate intent to deceive.

Lies are generally spoken but deceit include words or deeds intended to make people believe.

As a Child of God, it is not good to involve oneself in all these practices – Isaiah 59 : 13.

You are in God’s presence and in His presence, everything is open. He hates a lying tongue – Acts 5 : 1 – 9.

”Moving Forward” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Moving Forward” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Text: Exodus 14 : 15, Genesis 47 : 1 -13

Moving forward means you are bound to meet tough times but the tough times will bring you closer to your goals.

If you refused to move you will be stuck. There is a “move” in the realm of the spirit. Time waits for no one, pick a date and push out. There is a spiritual movement that keeps you alive. In growth and development there is a movement.

”Set Time for Divine Upliftment (Part 3)” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

”Set Time for Divine Upliftment (Part 3)” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

Text: Esther 6: 1-10, 2 Samuel 9

Time is important, God does not love those who do not understand time.

The Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes says everything under the Heaven is tied to time. Everything you need to succeed in life, God has put it in you.

This year of Divine upliftment will be different. If you want to make it this year, keep to time. The same thing you apply to business – Always keep to time.

It does not matter who has made it now. When your set time comes, all those things will be your past.

”Your Set Time For Divine Upliftment is Specific” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Your Set Time For Divine Upliftment is Specific” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Text: Ecclesiastes 3: 1, Esther ( 6: 1- 10, 8: 1 – 2)

I want you to know the role of time in divine upliftment. If you understand time, you can take over territories.

Everything God created was with time. There is no way you can turn the clock back. There are things God has destined for us this year to achieve. God has a specific time for everything on this earth. He has a purpose He wants to use us to fulfill.

When your set time comes, protocols are suspended, little things will give you maximum results and favor over labor will show forth.

You must know there is a virus that can eat your set time – PROCRASTINATION

This year you must not procrastinate. You must plan – Habakkuk 2 : 1- 3. This year 2020, you must write down your plans for this year. It is a year of action, you must put things to work.

”Thanksgiving to God” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Thanksgiving to God” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Psalms 100 : 4, Luke 7 : 11 and Psalms 100 : 1 – 5

Thank God we are alive to be joined to the living. God is God. He remains God and He is the only God that can never change.

Thanksgiving is the act of gratitude and appreciation to your maker. Appreciation goes a long way. Let’s thank him in another dimension.

Today that He has given you the strength, you must demonstrate it. Love is not proved until it goes through process. There is difference between the word of mouth and the heart . You must genuinely show appreciation. If you must prove to Him, you must go the extra miles.
Things that can take your life must have happened to you but here you are , living freely.
You don’t need the whole world before you can appreciate Him. Be contented with the little you have so God can give you more.

Did you know that the best way to gain acceptance is by showing appreciation. Appreciation is a divine platform for more, where people will hear your voice.

Gratitude unlock the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance. It turns disorder into order, it turns confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast and turns a house into home.

Gratitude can make a past to become a blessed present and birth forth a good future. Gratitude to God is the key that creates a clear vision for tomorrow. Like the Igbo people do say “E’kele Eze na nke’ ómere, ómekwa ozó” (When you appreciate the King for what he has done, he will keep doing more)

No matter what they have done to you, your mouth is still there to praise God. The more you appreciate God, the foundation of your problem will change.

When there is problem, gratitude bring peace. It makes our past to be meaningful, makes today peaceful and create a vision for tomorrow.

The highest appreciation is not only uttered by words but to live by what you are saying – Luke 17 : 11. Live according to the gratitude.

Forget the circumstances, forget what you are going through. Did you know that even though you are professional enough, there are unprofessionals that will cause you problem.

He who thanks God with lips, thanks God in part. The full thanksgiving comes from the heart. Obedience is the best way to enjoy grace.

Thanksgiving is power, it prepares the table for what you have not seen. It attracts blessings. One thing that increase your capacity is giving – Psalms 100 : 1 -5. Psalms 150 : 1 -6 encourages every living things to always praise the Lord.

I pray for you …
I prophesy divine protection, divine perseveration and divine security; all these rest upon you till the new year. May you successfully cross over to the new year.

More Than 200 Keke Operators in Okota, Lagos Smile as Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable Gifts Free Fuel for Christmas Celebration

More Than 200 Keke Operators in Okota, Lagos Smile as Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable Gifts Free Fuel for Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a season of showing love. In spreading the cause of eternal truth and love of God, the touch of love and care foundation gave out cash gifts and free fuel to over 200 Keke operators.

The Christmas gesture tagged “Untouchable Fuel My Keke” attracted lots of Keke operators within Okota metropolis in Lagos State, Nigeria.

In his address, the Prophetic President stated that the motive behind this auspicious gift was to put smiles on the faces of the transporters, seeing the financial challenges they are facing.

In her response, the station manager thanked the man of God and the church for patronizing her business center and prayed God to increase him and his ministry on all sides.

The drivers were full of joy and sang songs of praises to the PROPHET, for remembering them in this season of Christmas.